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Welcome to Khabarovsk!

Khabarovsk is stretched on 50 kilometers along the Amur River. The largest economic, financial and transport centre of Far East with more than 600 thousand population, Khabarovsk constantly updates and modernizes its shape.

The convenient arrangement on the crossing overland, water and air ways makes the capital of the territory a powerful transport unit, and the direct affinity of state border of Russia allows to develop actively economic and trade, scientific and cultural international communications.

It will take you 8 hours to travel from Moscow to Khabarovsk in a modern airliner. The regular flights are open to the following cities: Niigata, Aomori (Japan), Seoul (South Korea), Guanchjow, Harbin (Peoples Republic of China), San Francisco (USA), Tel Aviv (Israel), Tashkent (Uzbekistan). During the summer period it is possible to reach China on the river high-speed vessels of the Amur River Shipping Company, and cargo and passenger vessels of the "river-sea" type are sailing in the ports of the countries of SouthEast Asia. The Khabarovsk has sister-cities: Niigata in Japan, Portland in the USA, Victoria in Canada, Harbin in Peoples Republic of China.

There are 200 modern enterprises and more than 100 enterprises with 100 % of the foreign capital working in Khabarovsk today. There are about 25 representations working in Khabarovsk: firms of Japan, USA, Korea, New Zealand, Hong Kong and other countries of Asian-Pacific region. The important industry fields are: mechanical engineering, metallurgy, shipbuilding, processing of petroleum, electric power industry, medical and food-processing industry.

The international, scientific congresses, conferences, symposiums on various aspects of human life are regularly carried out in Khabarovsk.

Despite of its 142 age, Khabarovsk is a young city, quarter of its population are the people in the age of 15 till 29 years. 50 thousand from them are studying in 28 average and higher educational institutions.

The modern Khabarovsk is rich by its talents: the actors and musicians of the drama, musical comedy, pantomime, young spectator and puppet theatres, symphonic orchestra, youth and folk ensembles, are always glad to meet the city visitors. The city of developing culture, with a number of museums, parks, picture galleries, unique relics and editions of regional scientific library is always available for an active rest. Amur and its inflows are hiding a lot of attractive places for the amateurs-fishers. The Boshehehtsirsky reserve is located near to the city, offering its tracks to the tourism fans.

Walking along the Amur River onboard of the steam-ship, organization of the meetings with national and folklore collectives, participation in the national holidays, have received a special popularity among the visitors of our city.

We hope that our city will become your friend, will give you the unforgettable impressions and pleasure. Welcome to Khabarovsk - the city of picturesque boulevards, spacious streets and green parks!
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